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Healing Pharma Glucose D 200g(Pack of 2)

Healing Pharma Glucose D 200g(Pack of 2)

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Recharge your body instantly on the go with Healing Pharma’s Glucose D Regular!

Scorching summers are extremely daunting especially when you have to head out of the house during the day. Low energy and a drained-out body during summers are constant feelings. We have got you covered with our flavoured range of Glucose D Regular Instant Energy Boosters. This energy drink can help you stay replenished while fuelling with instant energy throughout the day. It is easily absorbed by the body, thus giving out an instant energy boost and refreshment. Enriched with vitamin D3, minerals, calcium, and glucose, this refreshing drink doesn’t fail to boost your mind and body.

Glucose D Regular is a fast-acting glucose supplement designed to raise blood sugar levels quickly in cases of hypoglycemia. It comes in a convenient and easy-to-administer tablet form, making it ideal for individuals who need a rapid energy boost. With its precise dosage of glucose, Glucose D Regular is a reliable solution for managing low blood sugar levels effectively.