Everything You Should Know About Feminine Care

Everything You Should Know About Feminine Care

For every woman, menstruating every once a month and then dealing with those not-so-troublesome vaginal discharges is a common natural process. Many think the vagina is the irky organ, whether the woman is menstruating or not. However, it’s a well-known fact that the mouth contains more bacteria than any woman would have in her vagina.  

Like we all care for our skin, our feminine parts, such as the vulva and vagina, need attention and care too. With their growing popularity among educators and business professionals, feminine hygiene products have bloomed. Even though most of us don’t leave any stone unturned in trying our best to bring out all the hygienic, endless running around to meet several deadlines may take a toll on female personal hygiene.  

Why is female hygiene important?

As much as sex education is necessary, every female must know the importance of female hygiene care. Our vaginas are highly sensitive and prone to infections. When female intimate hygiene is not up to par, it leads to constant irritation, pain, and itching over the vagina. 

Female hygiene care should be considered a priority by all girls’ right after they have hit puberty. At this stage, the body goes through tremendous changes constantly. Learning about periods, suffering from daily vaginal discharge and enlarged sweat glands makes things challenging for teenagers. 

Feminine Hygiene Tips

1.      Wash your outer vagina 

The vagina from within has its own self-cleaning mechanism. You need not manually cleanse; however, washing from the inside is mandatory. The outermost area, called the vulva, is prone to sweat and wetness, which may develop into a fungal infection later when not cared for properly.

2.      Wash with your bare hands 

Ensure to clean your intimate area using your bare, neatly clean hands. Do not use sponges, gloves, or loofahs, as they may irritate the skin due to abrasion.

3.      Dry with a soft towel 

After the shower, ensure to dry your intimate area using a soft towel. Using a soft, cotton towel helps wipe the area completely dry. Also, change your intimate towel every alternate day to keep up with female personal hygiene.

4.      Wipe from front to back

Every time you go to pee, ensure to wipe out clean from front to back only. Your anus acts as a hub for various germs and bacteria. Wiping from back to front can bring those harmful bacteria from your anus to your vagina, causing further trouble and odor. 

5.      Wear cotton underwear

Make sure you wear only cotton underwear, as they are breathable and skin-friendly. It quickly absorbs and dries out excess moisture caused by sweat or discharge while eliminating the risk of bacterial growth. 

6.      Drink enough

As it is said, you become whatever you eat. Your vagina acts similarly, as it becomes whatever you drink. Consuming high-sugar drinks can disturb the balanced bacteria in your vagina while dehydrating them further. Ensure to drink lots of water, not only for your body but also for a healthy and clean vagina. 

7.      Practice safe sex

After every time you indulge in sexual intercourse, make sure you pee. This helps in throwing out any kind of bacteria that might have travelled inside the vagina during intercourse. You must also clean the area with water using your hand to reduce the risk of UTI. 

8.      Groom well

Although pubic hair has its own role to play, consistently keeping it groomed is essential. It is totally an individual’s choice whether to keep it short or shave it completely. 

A Feminine Hygiene Product Every Woman Should Use

The skin surrounding the vagina is highly sensitive and can be measured as a pH level. Washing your intimate area with any regular soap can harm the pH level of your vagina, causing skin itching and irritation. Any healthy vagina’s pH level can range from 3.5 to 5.0. To keep infection at bay, use an effective intimate female wash

fem o fresh hygene

Healing Pharma’s Fem-O-Fresh intimate hygiene wash is a great way to begin a female intimate hygiene routine. This female intimate hygiene product is designed to offer antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The paraben-free, intimate-friendly, unique hygiene wash is made with a natural blend of Neem, Aloe Vera, Olive, and Tea Tree extracts. Grab the product today from Healing Pharma Online to keep your feminine hygiene on par!

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