Privacy Policy

Healing Pharma is well-versed with the importance of protecting the personal data of visitors. Therefore, we remain committed to offering optimum data protection, adhering to all applicable data privacy and data protection laws.

Our privacy policy consists of:

Healing Pharma provides most of the information related to the practices, collection, usage, and disclosure of information that you may get from this website. We encourage visitors using this website to accept and agree with the privacy policy and other terms stated on this website.

Our privacy policy: -

On browsing through the website, we ensure to understand, track, and analyze visitors’ behavior and preferences to improve the user experience. Hence, we collect visitors’s data with your consent indirectly as you browse this website, sign in, / sign up. All the captured data remains confidential with us under the privacy policy of Healing Pharma.

Purpose and Type of the information collected:

All the personal information gathered by Healing Pharma is utilized to market, resolve disputes, and troubleshoot issues based on the user’s interest shown on this website. We shall collect your profile data to analyze and modify our products and services from time to time.

We may recognize and use your IP address to diagnose any kind of issue on our server pertaining to this website. We may track your IP address without your consent to help identify and gather broad demographic information on our daily, monthly, and annual visitors.

Disclosure & Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information:

We refrain from sharing your contact details with another third-party website. Healing Pharma directly uses your information to connect with you via email and/or telephone for product related, order related, or other important updates.

We might share your personal information internally with our service or delivery agents to fulfill the service.

Please be aware that Healing Pharma will not disclose any information through any means adhering to business & analysis purposes only.

If any visitor or user has any kind of query regarding the privacy policy, please write to us at


Healing Pharma takes rational precautionary measures to safeguard the personal information that has been collected through this website. Please note that we do not provide any guarantee that your information is completely secure from those who are trying to evade your profile with the help of your user ID and password.

Privacy Policies Governing Linked Websites:

Healing Pharma might have links to third-party websites or other useful links to prove the efficacy of its content. However, those links or websites have nothing to do with the functioning of Healing Pharma. It is only for information purposes. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of the inserted website links. Access other websites or third-party websites for information or content solely at your own risk.

Healing Pharma can make alterations or changes in its privacy policy discretely from time to time without prior intimation to its users. Ensure to look for these changes and updates that are already available on the website from time to time.